Turn Out the Lights: Shawne Merriman Done for the Season

2007 Upper Deck #158 Shawne MerrimanTo add injury to insult, Chargers sackmaster Shawne Merriman will undergo surgery and miss the rest of the season.   Not good news for a Chargers defense, which failed to pressure Panthers QB Jake Delhomme this past Sunday in a heartbreaking loss.

Instead of shutting it down and getting surgery in the preseason, Shawne Merriman risked his career to try and play this season.  For a guy who was due to potentially collect a fat contract, taking the risk demonstrates his passion for the game of football.  A lot of guys would have taken the surgery and not risked further damage to the knee.  Now the big payday will have to wait until he can prove that he is 100% recovered from the injury.

Sadly for Chargers fans, the ‘Lights Out’ dance will have to wait until the 2009 season.


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