TTM: Five Requests Going Out

It’s been quite a while since I sent out any cards for autographs.  So I decided to send in the following cards TTM.  I sent in requests to 2 baseball prospects and 3 football requests.  With the preseason just starting, now is a good time to  start sending out autograph requests to football teams.  Normally, spring training is the best time to send in baseball requests.  However, I was deployed during spring training. So, I figured with the minor league seasons winding down, now would be a good time to catch some young guys before they  head home.

  • Woods Fines – sent his 2007 Bowman Heritage c/o the Columbus Catfish.
  • Fernando Martinez – sent  his 2007 Bowman Heritage c/o the Binghamton Mets.
  • D’Brickashaw Ferguson – Sent his 2006 Sage c/o the New York Jets.
  • Antoine Cason – Sent his 2008 UD Football Heroes c/o the San Diego Chargers.
  • Kyle Orton – Sent his 2005 Topps Heritage & 2006 Score c/o the Chicago Bears.

I’ll let everyone know if any of these cards come back signed!!

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