Set Building: 2008 Upper Deck Football – Update 6

I was very excited when I received this card in the mail today:

2008 Upper Deck #324 Mike Jenkins

Why the excitement over a card featuring Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins?  Well my friends, I have now completed the 2008 Upper Deck set (cards 1-325).  I started working on the set back in September.  It began with a hobby box of 08 Upper Deck.  Two-hundred and twenty-one days later, it ends with card #324, Mike Jenkins.  Sidenote: Don’t you love how rookies have their names taped to their helmets in training camp?  Makes it easier for the vets and coaches.

Now some of you seasoned set builders may be snickering over my enthusiasm.  But as primarily a team collector, this is the first set I have ever attempted to finish.  In this hobby, the only thing more thrilling than busting open a pack of cards is when you have completed a collection.  So, I think my joy is justified.

Special thanks to Kyle and Stephen, both from North Carolina, who traded me 23 of the rookie cards I needed.

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  1. Eric Osowski
    Eric Osowski at | | Reply

    im still that one card short and cant find it any where im pulling my hair out you my friend are lucky and if you come across another one please send me the bill damn you Mike Jenkins!!!!!!!!!!

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