Scott Miller’s 2009 Padres Outlook

Scott Miller of just completed his outlook for the Padres 2009 season.  If you haven’t read it yet, let’s just say that he’s not very optimistic.  Some quotes:

The franchise continues hemorrhaging credibility the way a hemophiliac gushes blood.

“They’re not a major-league team,” one National League scout says quietly. “They’ve got some talented players, a couple of talented players. But they’re fielding a 4-A team right now.”

Many baseball fans in San Diego are livid, rightfully feeling swindled by an owner who insinuated in the late 1990s that the Padres would have the money to compete if he got a new ballpark.

At least the players are still optimistic.  Hey its still March, so I am too:

“We can’t have that in here,” says starter Chris Young. “We can’t pay attention to what people are saying about us — fans, media, whomever. We’ve got nothing to lose. People don’t have expectations, so it will be hard for us to disappoint. We’re going to play the game the right way and find a way to win.”

“I think it’s the same optimism you have each spring,” Giles says. “All 30 teams have it. We had it in Pittsburgh when I was there and St. Louis and Houston were dominating the division.

I think that the first sentence of the article sums up the Padres current situation rather succinctly:

John Moores is not so much the owner of the San Diego Padres as their captor. His tenure, once all bright and folksy, has darkened to the point where the club and its fans now essentially are held hostage.

My feelings exactly.  For the sake of the franchise, I hope that the deal with Jeff Moorad gets finalized ASAP.

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