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Playing Catch Up

Finally back from sea.  Lots of stuff to catch up on.  I stopped posting at the end of December because of my Vegas vacation, which was a blast.  If you ever have a chance to stay at the Encore Hotel, I highly recommend it.  The Chargers won me some money with their victory over the Colts, so that was nice.   As soon as I returned from vacation, my ship went underway.  That wasn’t as fun as Vegas, trust me.  When I left, the Chargers were looking forward to their game against the Steelers and the Padres faced a multitude of questions regarding ownership, Jake Peavy, and Trevor Hoffman.  Here’s my thoughts on what transpired while I was out.

The Chargers
I knew the game against Pittsburgh would be tough, but I was hoping the score would have been closer.  I didn’t get to watch any of the game since I happened to be on watch at the same time.  I was getting updates every 10 minutes from a couple of Steeler fans on the ship.  Let’s just say, that was a rough watch.  I know that since the game, there have been a lot of questions regarding Ladainian Tomlinson’s future with the team.  Hopefully he’ll be able to stick around for a few more seasons and not end up with the same fate as Shaun Alexander.  Having Shawne Merriman back next year will be huge.

The Padres
2000 Topps #355 Trevor HoffmanThe team was bought by Jeff Moorad, but only time will tell to see how that pans out.  And as we enter Spring Training, Jake Peavy is still with the club, which is always a plus.  However, I was floored by the news that Trevor Hoffman was no longer a Padre.  Our internet connection was a bit flaky, so I did not catch this news until 3 days after it went down. I knew the end was near, but it was still a shock to the system.  The fact that Hell’s Bells will no longer be played at home games is still blowing my mind.  That’s like taking the beatiful weather away from San Diego.  Trevor was slipping as he got older, so I can understand why the franchise would be unwilling to pay him what the Brewers did.  But as a fan, it would have been nice to see Trevor finish his career in a Padres uniform.  At any rate it is kind of ironic now that the Brewers not only have the Padres greatest pitcher, but the son of the Padres greatest hitter.  On a side note, I plan on giving up bratwurst for Lent.

A Gift from Padrographs
When I got back I opened up a nice package from Rod over at Padrographs. He sent me an amazing collection of autographs he’s obtained.  Over 70 total, including former and current Padres prospects and players.  It was great just going through them all and remembering some of the great players from the past like the Alomar brothers, Phil Nevin, Fred Mcgriff, and Bip Roberts.  That’s right, Leon “Bip” Roberts, the man of a thousand positions.  A great gift and I am showing off just a sample of what I received.  You should really check out his blog, Padrographs.  I love browsing the site and checking out some of the autographs he’s collected throughout the years.  Simply an amazing collection, and I truly appreciate receiving these cards.

Posted by on February 15, 2009.

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  1. Welcome back and thanks for the endorsement. Getting ready to send some cards out to spring training. You should check, and the controversy over the 1978 Gwynn error card. LOL

    by Rod on Feb 15, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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