Pack Break: 2009 Topps Heritage and 2008 Topps Mayo

So the wife and I are walking through Target, just running a few errands. After several minutes of pestering and pleading, she relents and lets me buy a few packs. Like a kid who just received his allowance, I scan the card aisle to see what packs are at my disposal. Unfortunately, it looks like the thieves and pack searches have had their way with the inventory. Open packs and cards are littered everywhere. Resigning myself to the fact that I probably won’t score a “hit”, I decided to buy a couple of packs of 09 Topps Heritage and a pack of 08 Mayo. I figured that I could at least pick up a few cards to send out for some TTM autos. If I was really lucky, maybe a few Padres or some Charger cards.

2009 Topps Heritage Pack#1

  • #34 Ian Kinsler
  • #204 Baltimore Orioles
  • #281 Mike Jacobs
  • #329 Edwin Encarnacion
  • #398 Rich Harden
  • #420 Chipper Jones
    2009 Topps Heritage #420 Chipper Jones
  • #NF2 “News Flashback Insert” Bathyscape Trieste
  • #TME-ARI “Mayo Insert” Alex Rios
    2009 Topps Heritage Mayo Alex Rios2009 Topps Heritage Pack#2
  • #6 Brandon Inge
  • #53 Adam Jones
    2009 Topps Heritage #53 Adam Jones
  • #55 Nate McLouth
  • #100 Jair Jurrjens
  • #119 Wilken Castillo
  • #203 Chris Iannetta
  • #318 Evan Longoria
    2009 Topps Heritage #318 Evan Longoria
  • #485 Alex Rodriguez (Topps Magazine All Star)

Unfortunately, no Padres cards. But the Longoria card is pretty good. Jurrjens, Iannetta, McClouth, and Kinsler are pretty decent TTM signers too.

2008 Topps Mayo

  • #60 Braylon Edwards
  • #145 Grover Cleveland (President)
  • #149 Matt Hasselbeck
  • #238 Jonathan Stewart (Mini)
  • #279 Jake Delhomme
    2008 Topps Mayo #279 Jake Delhomme
  • #297 Ben Watson

And the final card……..

Donnie Avery, Autographed!!!

2008 Topps Mayo Donnie Avery AutographWow….not too bad for a single retail pack.  I’ve pulled a couple of jersey cards from retail packs, but this is my first autograph.  Makes up for the lack of Charger cards.  Looks like the thieves and pack searchers missed this one.

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