Pack Break: 2008 Ultimate Collection baseball – Ron Santo

I was at the hobby store the other day and I broke down and purchased a pack/box of 2008 Ultimate Collection baseball.  Ultimate Collection is one of those “joe collector” type products – super expensive, guaranteed “hits”.   In this case, for well over $120 you get 4 cards – 3 base cards and 1 autograph or patch card.  Normally, I steer away from these kinds of products, but I was feeling generous and I wanted to do my part to help in our nation’s economic recovery.

The base cards were all serial numbered to #350.  I got Jason Bay (#’d 252/350), Pedro Martinez (#’d 51/350), and Aramis Ramirez (#’d 248/350).  One former Padre farmhand, a guy still waiting for a team to give him $5 million this season, and the Cubbies third baseman.  Here’s the hit of the pack:

2008 Ultimate Collection Ron Santo Autographed Game Used Pants
2008 Ultimate Collection Ron Santo Autographed Game Used Pants

Ron Santo autographed game used pants, #’d 5/50.  Not too bad.  While not a “superstar” in the hobby, Santo is extremely popular with the Cubbies fans.  Plus, you don’t see too many game-used pants as the jerseys are all the rage.  Cool to see the old style wool pants.  I can’t imagine playing baseball in the summer heat with a wool uni.

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    Nice pull!!

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