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It’s been quite a while since I’ve had time to update the blog – 5 months in fact.  The fact of the matter is, I’ve had to take a break from the hobby.  Unfortunately, spare time isnt a luxury I have at my disposal right now.  Work has been hectic – sea duty in the Navy often is.  Plus, as of 3 weeks ago, I’m a new father.  I realize it’s cliche to say having a kid is a life changing experience, but there is absolutely no other way to describe it.  Between work and my wife’s pregnancy, I really haven’t had the time to get really involved with the hobby the past several months.

I’d love to say that I’ll be getting back into the hobby and resume posting, soon but that would be a lie.  My ship will soon be heading out for deployment, which means another long break.  Fortunately, I’m set to transfer to shore duty by January next year.  I’m hoping that by then, I should have the free time necessary to get back into things.  I really miss going to the hobby shop, opening packs, and searching Ebay for deals.  I’m also looking forward to someday being able to get my son involved in this hobby as well.

So, I’m keeping the blog open for now, with the hope that by the end of my deployment, I’ll be back and better than ever.  It’s killing me that I missed some great looking releases – stuff like National Chicle and T206.  I don’t think I even have any Chargers or Padres team sets from 2009. Like I said, hopefully 2011 I’ll be back with a vengeance.

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  1. David
    David at | | Reply

    Good to see another Padres card blog. Let me know if you are interested in doing any trading

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