My Return To The Hobby

It’s been quite a while since my last post.  Almost 18 months in fact.  It’s probably been just as long since the last time I even took a peek at my card collection.  So what have I been up during that time?  Well, work for one.  The Navy sure has a way of taking up a lot of my time.  And of course the new baby.  When I’m not working, he certainly has a way of taking up a good chunk of my spare time.

But a lot has changed in 18 months.  For one, I’m on shore duty now.  If you’re not familiar with Navy life, shore duty is a lot more “time-friendly” than sea duty.  More time for the family and more time for me.  And the kid is growing.  He’s the reason I’ve rekindled my interest in card collecting.   About 18 months ago I stored all of my cards away, hidden in the dark recesses of my home.  Well, young toddlers  do love to explore and he happened to stumble across a few of my cards while exploring the house.  It had been so long, that I almost forgot I had them.  Well the new “discovery” rekindled my passion for the hobby.   It’s a passion that I hope to pass on to him someday.

So, I’ve made my return to the hobby and this blog.  Recently, I’ve started to check out eBay, read various trading card forums and blogs, and checked out some new products.  I went to work  redesigning the blog and even opened up a new Twitter account.

I think the break from the hobby was a good thing.  Sometimes stepping back can help give you perspective.  I realized that even though I love the Padres and Chargers, I don’t need to get every single card of every single San Diego player.  That’s not a hobby, that’s an obsession.  Just take it easy, enjoy collecting what I can, and have fun.

Happy collecting!!

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