Mile High Heartbreak

I’m taking a break from posting about my cards because I’m still reeling from the Charger’s 39-38 loss to the Broncos.  After a dismal Padres season, this is not how I imagined the Chargers season to unfold.  Amazing how the Chargers can lose two games in consecutive weeks in the closing seconds.  Here’s some of my amateur observations:

  • I have always had a high regard for NFL referee Ed Hochuli.  In my opinion, he is probably the best referee in terms of explaining to the fans the calls on the field.  Unfortunately, he blew it on Sunday.  On close plays in the final two minutes, why blow your whistle?  You’re backed up by the replay booth.  That’s the whole purpose of replay.  Let the guys in the booth make the call.  Heaven forbid we try and get a call right.
  • The sad thing is everyone knows that was a fumble.  Jay Cutler admitted it was a fumble.  Ed Hochuli knows he blew it.  Hell, even the fans at Mile High thought it was a fumble.  Did you notice that after Hochuli’s first explanation of the call, when he said the ball would be placed at the 10, that there was silence from the crowd?  When he clarified himself and said it would be Broncos ball on the 10, the crowd erupted in cheers.   
  • The other replay mistake occurred in the first half, when Champ Bailey stripped Chris Chambers of the ball AFTER Chambers was tackled.  Instead of having the Chargers maintain possession, the Broncos were awarded the “interception” because the replay system was malfunctioning.  Are you serious?!?!  The replay seemed to be working fine for CBS.
  • The Charger trainers need to start working on protecting big toes.  First Antonio Gates, now Tomlinson.  If Philip Rivers suddenly stubs his big toe I think I’ll vomit.
  • Ted Cottrell needs to tighten up the defense.  Last week Carolina ran all over the Bolts.  This week, the Broncos carved them up through the air.  Both teams moved at will against the two-minute defense.  Something needs to be tweaked.  Yes, I know that Merriman is out, but the defense was having the same problems last season as well. 
  • Philip Rivers is about to move into another level.  His throws were on the money and he made some great decisions with the ball, throwing it away when the play wasn’t there.  Looks like this might be his year.
  • Antonio Cromartie needs to buckle down.  He was abused all game.  And Eric Weddle needs to start making plays.  After all, that is why the front office moved up to draft him, right?  Because he’s a playmaker?  Well, start earning your paycheck.   

Next week it’s a Monday Night matchup against Brett Favre and the Jets.  Hopefully the defense decides to show up this week.  I think I’ll have to go over my card collection to get my mind off this.

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