Mailday: 52 Card Padres Lot

One of the items I picked up in this past weekend’s mail was a lot of 52 assorted Padres cards. I love getting assorted team lots from Ebay. It’s like opening up a fresh pack of cards – you’re not sure exactly what’s inside, but at least I know that every card is going to be a Padre or Charger. As promised in an earlier post, here is a highlight of some of the cards:

  • A 2006 SPX Winning Materials Jersey Card of Khalil Greene. The card is serial numbered 006/199. One of the great features of this card is that the jersey is actually one of the ‘sand’ colored jerseys. It seems as if the Padres hardly ever wear their sand uniforms.2007 SPX Winning Materials Khalil Greene Jersey
  • A 2005 Fleer Authentic Autographed card of Jon Knott. Serial numbered 156/250. Jon bounced around the minors for a while, leaving the Padres system and played for the Orioles and Twins farm systems. Knott is currently in the Phillies farm system, playing for the AAA Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (gotta love those minor league nicknames!).2005 Fleer Authentic Jon Knott Autograph
  • A 2007 Fleer Ultra Adrian Gonzalez card. A great looking card, if only because Adrian is wearing the 1976 throwback uniform. A sweet looking uni. Here’s hoping the Padres go back to that uniform scheme.2007 Fleer Ultra #156 Adrian Gonzalez
  • A 1984 Topps Steve Garvey. What a year that was! I was 8 years old that season. It was the year I became a Padres fanatic. Garvey, a young Gwynn, Alan Wiggins, Garry Templeton, and Eric Show were my personal heroes that Fall. I can still remember Game 5 against the Cubs very vividly. That season alone was enough to make me endure the futility that would follow for the next decade. Amazing the impression 3 games of baseball can make on an 8 year old.1984 Topps #380 Steve Garvey
  • A 2005 Upper Deck Classics Tony Gwynn Classic Moments Insert card. This one is commemorating Mr. Padre’s 3000th hit, which occurred on August 6th, 1999 in Montreal. The card itself is serial numbered 1238/1999. A great moment for Padres fans, although most agree it would have been a much sweeter celebration had it occurred at San Diego. According to the back of the card, Gwynn was the first player to get his 3000th hit in Canada.2008 Upper Deck Classics Tony Gwynn #d /1999
  • A 2005 Fleer Tradition ‘Trio Prospects’ card of Rusty Tucker, Freddy Guzman, and Justin Germano. Back in 2005, I would have been excited to get this card. Rusty Tucker was tearing it up in Mobile and had tantalizing strikeout numbers there. Once upon a time, Baseball America rated Freddy Guzman as the Padres’ 2nd best prospect. He was supposed to be the centerfielder and leadoff hitter of the future. And Justin Germano actually pitched for the big club and looked very promising. Unfortunately, of the three ‘Prospects’ only Germano has seen any decent playing time in the bigs.2005 Fleer Tradition #324 Rusty Tucker - Freddy Guzman - Justin Germano
  • A 1987 Topps John Kruk Rookie Card. Although he made his mark with the Phillies, I still remember John Kruk when he first started off with the Padres. I’m thinking about sending this card to Mr. Kruk via ESPN for an autograph.1987 Topps #123 John Kruk RC
  • A 2002 Upper Deck Victory Sean Burroughs card. I grimaced as I read this on the back of the card: “Few players who have figured prominently in the Little League World Series have gone on to Major League success, yet it appears that Burroughs will be an exception.” Good call Upper Deck. Good call.2002 Upper Deck Victory #596 Sean Burroughs
  • A 2006 Bowman ‘Gold Parallel’ George Kottaras Rookie Card. I remember the anguish I felt when he was traded in 2006 for David Wells. Why in the world would the Padres give up one of their top prospects for an overweight 40-something pitcher? Thankfully, David Wells proved me wrong that season. Also, Kottaras has yet to make his mark in the majors.2006 Bowman Gold George Kottaras
  • Here’s a pretty cool card – the 2005 Fleer Tradition Trevor Hoffman card. Yes I know it’s just a base card. I just can’t get over Hoffman’s pose. I mean really, when was the last time you remember Trevor Hoffman attempt a bunt? Or even pick up a bat? Well I did the research for you – his last at-bat came in 2001. Still a cool shot and a break from the more traditional “Trevor on the mound” type photos.2005 Fleer Tradition #88 Trevor Hoffman

Here’s a list of the rest of the cards in the lot:

  • Two Josh Barfield cards – His 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights card and 2006 Upper Deck Rookie card. Remember the hand wringing by season ticket holders when he was traded away for Kevin Kouzmanoff?
  • Two more Sean Burroughs cards – 2003 Fleer Patchworks and 2002 Fleer Tradition ‘Diamond Debut’ Insert card.
  • Two Mike Cameron cards. A 2007 Fleer Ultra and a 2006 Upper Deck Red Parallel #’s 20/50.
  • A 2003 Fleer Tradition Bernie Castro Rookie Card.
  • Five Brian Giles cards. 2006 Fleer Tradition, 2005 Bazooka, 2008 Upper Deck, 2007 Bowman Heritage, and 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings.
  • Two Adrian Gonzalez cards. 2007 Upper Deck Elements and 2008 Bowman.
  • Two Khalil Greene cards. 2005 Fleer Flair and 2005 Fleer Patchworks.
  • Two more cards featuring Freddy Guzman, A 2004 Fleer Ultra Rookie card and 2005 Donruss Diamond kings.
  • A Tony Gwynn 2005 Upper Deck ‘Pastime Pennants’ Insert.
  • Two Justin Hampson Rookie cards – His 2007 Topps Heritage and 2007 Upper Deck First Edition.
  • 6 more Trevor Hoffman cards. His 2007 Topps, both of his 2007 Update & Highlight cards, a 2005 Donruss ‘Career Stat Line’ parallel #’d 257/274, 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones ’514 career Saves’ #’d 15/25, and his 2006 Topps Update & Highlights card.
  • A 1992 Topps Bruce Hurst card.
  • Two Kevin Kouzmanoff rookie cards – 2007 Upper Deck & 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts.
  • Brian Lawrence 2003 Fleer focus.
  • 2007 Topps Paul McAnulty.
  • 1989 Topps Jack Mckeon. Yeah, Trader Jack.
  • Phil Nevin 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings.
  • Four Jake Peavy cards. 2007 Fleer Ultra, 2006 Topps Heritage, 2008 Upperdeck ‘Starquest Common’ Insert card, and 2007 Topps Update & Highlights.
  • A 2006 Upper Deck Justin Thompson Rookie card.
  • A 2002 Brett Tomko Fleer Tradition.
  • 2007 Topps David Wells.
  • Two Chris Young cards. 2008 Topps ‘Year in Review’ Insert card and 2006 Topps. By the way, Young is set to return after being knocked out by a vicious Albert Pujols line drive.

A total of 52 cards in this lot. A grand total of $5.46 including shipping. Not a bad deal. It was great going through the cards as many brought back quite a few memories for me. This was a pretty good lot, several inserts and rookies, and no duplicates so I can’t really complain.

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