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Mailday: 2012 Five Star Tony Gwynn & 2006 Ultimate Collection Antonio Gates Autographed Cards

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day.  I spent some much needed time with the family and successfully avoided the Black Friday crowds.  All in all, a relatively stress free four day weekend.  I also received a couple of cards for my collection this weekend.  Both cards were purchased from Ebay.

2012 Topps Five Star #FSARTG Tony Gwynn Auto/Bat #'d 23/68

2012 Topps Five Star #FSARTG Tony Gwynn Auto/Bat #’d 23/68

2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #USCAG-Antonio Gates Autograph #'d 17/35

2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #USCAG Antonio Gates Autograph #’d 17/35

One thing to note about the Tony Gwynn card.  This card is THICK.  Which poses a couple of issues.  First, it makes the card very susceptible to damage. There have been quite a few internet reports of folks finding damaged corners and chipping right out of the box.  Which is pretty sad for such a high end product.

The second issue is how to properly store a card this thick.  It was shipped to me in a 10ct plastic box.  The card fits, but I’d rather not store this card in something like that.  I found an Ultra Pro Magnetic Card Holder for Super Thick cards laying around.  It’s rated for cards up to 130pt.  Unfortunately, this card is just a bit too thick for this holder.  When I close the holder, you can see a small gap along the sides.  I also have a toploader that’s rated for 180pt cards.  The card fits fine, but it’s too thick for a penny sleeve.  I’d prefer to have it in a penny sleeve if I’m going to put this in a toploader.

Has anyone out there found something else besides a 10 count box to store Five Star cards?


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