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You have to love Friday duty days onboard the ship.  Everyone goes home to start off their weekend, and here I am waiting longingly for Saturday morning to come around.  Since I’m stuck onboard, here’s what I’m persuing around the internet:

Looks like the Padres “youth” movement is in full swing as the Padres call up 27 year old career minor leaguer Dirk Hayhurst to replace the departed Greg Maddux.  Padres brass, here’s an idea.  Since the season is a lost cause, why not call up some guys with potential and let us see what they can do in the big leagues?  Does Dirk Hayhurst really play into the Padres plans for the future?  I’d rather see a guy like Cesar Ramos in Petco.  By the way, in the same article, it is noted that Greg Maddux was the only Padre with a stolen base for the entire month of July.  Let thank sink in for a minute. 

Some bad news for the Chargers.  Shawne Merriman has apparent ligament damage and is now carefully weighing his options.  If he’s done for the season I expect Wake Forest alum Jyles Tucker to take his place.  Tucker has really been impressive since he was signed last year as an undrafted free agent.  Still, it’ll be some huge shoes to fill. 

Cuban domination of Olympic baseball continues as Fidel’s boys lay the wood on the United States by a score of 10-2.   The Americans will play Japan for the bronze medal.  Well, at least we have the World Baseball Classic to look forward to.

Padres Special Assistant Paul Depodesta breaks down the short season performances of the Padres draft picks.  While #1 pick Allen Dykstra has yet to play, it looks like a potentially good draft class.  The front office did a good job as only 3 players drafted in the top 15 rounds did not sign. 

Over at Voice of the Collector, there is a compelling argument against the hobby’s unnatural infatuation with Beckett value.   Especially when it comes to trading.

The folks at BoltHype speculate that undrafted fullback Mike Tolliver has probably earned himself a spot on the team.  If that’s the case does that leave Andrew Pinnock as the odd man out? 

Meanwhile, Fielder’s Choice gives a glowing review of the 2008 Topps Heritage set.  No complaints here, as this set is just insanely awesome.  I’m still working on completing a Padres team set.  At the end of the review, an interesting idea is posed regarding a Fleer Heritage set.  I’m surprised the guys at Upper Deck still haven’t figured that one out yet.

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