Collection Highlight: 2007 Topps Heritage Ben Sheets Error Card

2007 Topps Heritage #298 Ben Sheets Error
2007 Topps Heritage #298 Ben Sheets Error

I just took a look at tonight’s piching matchup for the Padres.  Probably a low scoring affair tonight as Jake Peavy goes up against Brewer’s righthander Ben Sheets.  Peavy was simply amazing in his last start, shutting down the Rockies through 8 innings.  Jakkkkkkkkkkkkke only gave up one hit and had 13 K’s.  Here’s hoping for a repeat tonight.

Thinking about tonight’s game made me remember this error card in my collection.  It’s from the 2007 Topps Heritage set and features Brewers pitcher Ben Sheets.  But he isn’t listed as a Milwaukee Brewer on the card.  He’s listed as a San Diego Padre.  When I first received this card, I remember my jaw dropping to the floor.  I thought I had missed a trade of epic proprtions.  Did the Padres actually acquire Ben Sheets?!?!  Visions of multiple postseason appearances and no-hitters danced in my head.  Sadly, a quick check of Google dashed my hopes of a Peavy-Ben Sheets-Chris Young uber-rotation.

I’ve looked around and have yet to see a “corrected” card – that is, a card featuring Ben Sheets with the Brewers logo.  It would appear that Topps decided not to correct this card.  I wonder if they even noticed?

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