Collection Highlight: 1998 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Greg Vaughn

1998 Topps Gold Label Black #89 Greg Vaughn
1998 Topps Gold Label Black #89 Greg Vaughn

I was browsing the web for some Padres related news when I came across the story that Greg Vaughn was on the Hall of Fame ballot.  Despite my appreciation of Vaughn during his tenure in Friarland, I am under no illusion that he will come close to enshrinement.  His .242 career batting average and 355 career homers simply aren’t enough to warrant inclusion.

Seeing Greg Vaughn’s name again did conjure memories of one of my favorite Padres teams – the 1998 squad that went on to the World Series.  What a season that was.  So many memories – Caminiti clutch at 3rd, Vaughn setting the team record with 50 HR’s, Kevin Brown having an outstanding mercenary season, and the postseason heroics of Jim Leyritz and Sterling Hitchcock.

I scoured my collection for Greg Vaugn cards and I came across this gem.  This happens to be the ‘Black’ label parallel version of the card.  I was doing some research on the web and found out that there are 3 different “classes” of cards for this set – Class 1 (Hitting), Class 2 (Baserunning), and Class 3 (Hitting).  I guess this card is the Class 2 version.   If you believe Beckett, the Class 2 Black label card is worth about $5.00.  I’m not sure where I picked up this card from.  My best guess was it came from a random lot of Padres cards I picked up on eBay.

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