Charger Fans, Send a Prayer to Alex Spanos

Today, the focus of my day will be at the upcoming rematch between the Broncos and Chargers.  A playoff atmosphere is expected tonight at Qualcomm, since the loser gets an early start to the offseason.  After the disappointing Padres season and after the 4-8 Chargers start, it looked like 2008 would be another depressing San Diego sports year.  The Charger now have a chance to live up to the promise of the preseason.  Can’t wait until kickoff!

My excitement for the game was tempered by the news that Chargers owner Alex Spanos is beginning to show signs of memory loss.  Sobering news for Charger fans, hopefully the team can give him a great game tonight.  Despite the fact that he made some unpopular moves – getting rid of Don Coryell, siding with Bobby Beathard over Bobby Ross, and appearing to entertain ideas of moving the team – he has done a lot for the San Diego community.  Prayers go out to the Spanos family.

I thought his holiday letter to members of his family was especially touching.

To Faye and my children, Deno, Dea, Alexis and Michael,

At 85, I feel blessed because I have you in my life, and I have fifteen wonderful grandchildren and a brand new great grandchild. I have accomplished most everything I wanted to achieve, with your help and support. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without your mother (Faye). My greatest success story has been my family.

I’ve had my share of health problems in the last ten years, but today, physically, I feel strong. My great frustration is that, more and more, my memories come and go, and friends all my life are not recognized. Many of the things I say and do, I can no longer remember even right afterwards. I now understand that, as my memory continues to get worse, my mind will never be what it once was. And that’s why I wanted to write you this letter now, to make sure you knew that you are all my greatest pride and joy.

I love you all very much.

Your husband and father,


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