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Pack Break: 2008 Ultimate Collection baseball – Ron Santo


I was at the hobby store the other day and I broke down and purchased a pack/box of 2008 Ultimate Collection baseball.  Ultimate Collection is one of those “joe collector” type products – super expensive, guaranteed “hits”.   In this case, for well over $120 you get 4 cards – 3 base cards and 1 … Continue reading »

Pack Break: 2009 Topps Heritage and 2008 Topps Mayo


So the wife and I are walking through Target, just running a few errands. After several minutes of pestering and pleading, she relents and lets me buy a few packs. Like a kid who just received his allowance, I scan the card aisle to see what packs are at my disposal. Unfortunately, it looks like … Continue reading »

Pack Break: Two Packs of 2008 Allen & Ginter


I purchased these two packs over at Sports Card Forum a few weeks ago.  I just haven’t gotten to posting about it until now.  One thing that struck me is the seemingly high number of players posing with their bats.  I busted two packs, which amounted to sixteen total cards.  Of those sixteen, nine featured … Continue reading »

Pack Break: 2008 Topps Stadium Club


Well, I’m back from another exciting adventure at sea.  To celebrate my arrival on land, I decided to stop by the local hobby shop (of course).  I decided to bite the bullet and plunk down some hard earned cash on three 2008 Topps Stadium Club packs.  Each pack set me back about $20 apiece.  Yikes!  … Continue reading »

Pack Break: 3 Packs of 2008 Goudey (Hobby) and 1 Pack of 2007 Bowman Heritage (Retail)


I stopped by the Walmart and threw in a pack of 2007 Bowman Heritage, just because it felt good. Then I decided to stop by the hobby shop and the packs of Goudey seemed to be calling out to me. Naturally I grabbed three. I am enamored with both sets – I love the retro … Continue reading »

Box Break: 2008 Playoff Prestige Retail Box


Yesterday afternoon, I left the ship to start off my two weeks of leave. What better way to start my vacation than to bust open some packs? I stopped by the base exchange to pick up a box of 2008 Playoff Prestige. 8 packs in a box with 5 cards per pack. Here’s the breakdown: … Continue reading »

Pack Break: 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football


Just wrapped up another busy workweek, so I decided to stop by Target to pick up a few packs. I grabbed 3 packs of 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football. There are 6 cards per pack. Each pack contained 3 rookie cards, 1 rookie insert card, and 2 veteran cards. In typical Upper Deck fashion, … Continue reading »

Pack Break: 2008 Topps Progression


Well, I just got back from deployment, so what better way to celebrate than to open a few packs? I stopped by K-Mart to pick up some supplies and decided to pick up a couple packs of 2008 Topps Rookie Progression. I got some Charger Mojo in the first pack, picking up an Antonio Gates … Continue reading »

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