Mailday: Craig Davis, Cesar Ramos, Cesar Carrillo, Kouz, and Chris Young Autographs


It’s been a while since I posted a Mailday.  Here’s a few of the things I’ve received in the past few days.  All were won on Ebay. A Craig Davis 2007 Topps Finest Autographed Rookie Card.  With the release of Eric Parker, Davis has the inside track to be the Chargers #3 WR this season. … Continue reading »

Right Now On Ebay:

Mailday: Magic Johnson, plus Padres Autographs / Jersey Cards


Another sweet surprise waiting for me when I opened my mailbox yesterday. Inside was the Magic Johnson Autographed card that I won in an Ebay auction. My final total came to $46, which included the shipping. Just an unbelievable deal for this card. Not only does it feature an autograph of Magic, but it was … Continue reading »

Mailday: 52 Card Padres Lot


One of the items I picked up in this past weekend’s mail was a lot of 52 assorted Padres cards. I love getting assorted team lots from Ebay. It’s like opening up a fresh pack of cards – you’re not sure exactly what’s inside, but at least I know that every card is going to … Continue reading »

Mailday: Back from a Long Weekend


I spent the weekend relaxing with my wife in Williamsburg, VA. I came back to a mailbox full of surprises. Here’s what I opened up: A pair of 2007 Bowman Sterling Nick Schmidt Autographed cards. Schmidt was the Padres 1st pick in the 2007 Amateur Draft. He’s missing the entire 2008 season because of elbow … Continue reading »

Mailday: Adrian Gonzalez ‘By The Letter Signature’ Patch


I just received my Adrian Gonzalez ‘By The Letter Signature’ patch card. The card is serial numbered 37 of 60. It is a great looking card, featuring a patch of the letter ‘A’ (probably from his last name on the back of a jersey). Inscribed inside the patch is Adrian Gonzalez’s autograph. I was thinking … Continue reading »

Mailday: 2007 Adrian Gonzalez Bowman’s Best Autograph Card


After a long day at work, I got a cool surprise waiting for me in the mailbox – the Bowman’s Best Adrian Gonzalez Autograph Card I won from Ebay. Really nice card to look at, the scan doesn’t do it justice. Also, pretty fast shipping from the seller which is always a big plus. This … Continue reading »

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