Brian Giles Prefers America’s Finest City Over Beantown

2007 Uper Deck #914 Brian GilesPadres RF Brian Giles refused to waive his no trade clause and vetoed a potential trade to the Boston Red Sox.  After the July 31 trade deadline, the Padres placed Giles on the waiver wire and the Red Sox put in a claim for him.  Preferring not to be a bench player on the potentially playoff-bound Red Sox, Giles chose to remain with the last place Padres.  He discussed his reasons for staying with Bill Self of the San Diego Union-Tribune, citing his loyalty to the Padres, his desire to remain in San Diego for his family, his San Diego roots, and his belief that the Padres can still make an impact next year in the very weak NL West.

The Giles saga brings up several interesting points.  First, the Padres are doing the right thing.  The team has absolutely nothing to play for this season.  If they can get some value for an aging outfielder who would be a two month rental for another team, they should pursue it.  Giles is eligible for Free Agency at the end of the year and if they wanted to, they can try to resign him then.  Secondly, you have to admire Giles’ loyalty to the club and the city.  Just like Trevor Hoffman and Tony Gwynn before him, Giles is turning down money to stay with the team.  By not accepting the trade, Giles stands to lose $2 million.  I understand he is being vilified for turning down a chance to play for a World Series contender, but Giles does have a point.  Despite the club’s dismal season, a couple of breaks is all that is needed to make a move in the weakest division in baseball.

We’ll see how this affects the Padres’ offseason.  Now the question becomes, “Will the Padres pick up his $9 million option for 2009?”

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