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Completed the Tony Gwynn Graded Rookie Card Trifecta


The other day I won Tony Gwynn’s Topps rookie card from Ebay.  This was graded MINT by PSA.  For Tony Gwynn collector’s, this is the definitive card to have in your collection.  I have a couple of ungraded copies, but I’ve been wanting to get a graded copy for a while. That should complement the … Continue reading »

Right Now On Ebay:

Set Building: 2008 Upper Deck Football – Update 5

I’ve been diligently trying to put the finishing touches on the 2008 Upper Deck football set the past few weeks.  Getting a lot closer to completion.  I went on Ebay and started hunting for most of the short prints that I needed.  Here’s what I’ve picked up since my last update: #274 Matt Flynn – … Continue reading »

Upper Deck Quality Control


It’s late at night and I’m just perusing Ebay.  Not looking for anything in particular mind you, just seeing what’s out there.  I come across this Tony Gwynn card from Upper Deck Premier which is currently being listed for $75. Not a bad card.  Nice 2-color jersey card and an autograph too.  But if you’re … Continue reading »

Ebay Win: 2008 Topps Sterling Tony Gwynn Cards


2008 Topps Sterling is usually the type of set that I admire from afar.  At well over $200 a pop for boxes (packs really), it is well out of my price range.  However, I when I saw this group of Tony Gwynn Sterling cards on Ebay, I decided to give it a shot. Normally, each … Continue reading »

Stephen Strasburg: Baseball’s Lebron James

Some of you have probably heard a thing or two about Stephen Strasburg.  If not, you definitely will by the time June comes around. For the uninformed, Mr. Strasburg is a pitcher for the San Diego State Aztecs.  More than likely, he will be the top pick of the June amateur draft.  He’s been called … Continue reading »

Collection Highlight: 1993 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel Natrone Means, Graded BGS 9.5


Natrone Means.  The Natrone Bomb.  Natrone “Refried” Means.  Natrone Means Business.  Definitely one of my favorite Chargers of all time.  I happened to check out his stats, and it surprised me to find out that he only had one 1,000 yard rushing season.  That came in 1994, when the Chargers managed to upset the Steelers … Continue reading »

Mailday: Matt Antonelli, Charlie Joiner, Justin Hampson, and a host of UD Masterpieces Autographs


I got this little gem in the mail, via Ebay: A nice autographed Chrome Refractor card of Matt Antonelli.  Graded by Beckett, 9.5 GEM Mint with a 10 for the autograph.  Everyone knows that Antonelli struggled last year, so hopefully he’s ready to bounce back this season.  He recently turned to studying video of his … Continue reading »

Scott Miller’s 2009 Padres Outlook

Scott Miller of just completed his outlook for the Padres 2009 season.  If you haven’t read it yet, let’s just say that he’s not very optimistic.  Some quotes: The franchise continues hemorrhaging credibility the way a hemophiliac gushes blood. “They’re not a major-league team,” one National League scout says quietly. “They’ve got some talented … Continue reading »

Mailday: Kyle Blanks, Justin Hampson, & Shawne Merriman


The Big Fella is getting a lot of playing time with Adrian off to the World Baseball Classic. However, with Mexico’s elimination, look for his playing time to decrease as the Pads try to get Adrian back in the groove.  If he continues to develop, the Padres face an interesting dilemma.  Trade him, trade Gonzalez, … Continue reading »

Mailday: 1st TTM Success of 2009 & Josh Barfield/Chase Headley Autographs


I just received my first TTM Autograph success of 2009, courtesy of Pittsburgh Pirates 3B Andy Laroche.  He signed my 06 Turkey Red card, which featured him in his Dodger uniform.  He was part of the trade that sent Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers and Jason Bay to the Red Sox.  He’s having a pretty … Continue reading »

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