Pack Break: 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football

Just wrapped up another busy workweek, so I decided to stop by Target to pick up a few packs. I grabbed 3 packs of 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football.

There are 6 cards per pack. Each pack contained 3 rookie cards, 1 rookie insert card, and 2 veteran cards. In typical Upper Deck fashion, each card contained some outstanding action photography. The top left hand corner of each card is stamped ’2008 Rookie Card’ – even the veteran cards for some strange reason. Here’s what I pulled:

Rookie Cards:

#10 Brian Brohm (Packers 2nd round pick)

#12 Chad Henne (Dolphins 2nd round pick)

#53 Jonathan Hefney (Buccaneers Undrafted Free Agent)

#69 Mario Manningham (Giants 3rd round pick)

#78 Owen Schmitt (Seahawks 5th round pick)

#81 Justin King (Rams 4th round pick)

#87 Ryan Torain (Broncos 5th round pick)

#91 Philip Merling (Dolphins 2nd round pick)

#96 Tom Zbikowski (Ravens 3rd round pick)

Insert Cards:

#231 Campus Combos – Ali Highsmith & Chevis Jackson

#234 Campus Combos – Erin Henderson & Dre Moore

#250 Conference Clashes – Sam Keller & Allen Patrick

Veteran Cards:

#112 Lee Evans

#136 Calvin Johnson

#157 Antoine Winfield

#163 Drew Brees

#179 Ben Roethlisberger

#198 Chris Cooley

Sadly, no Charger mojo for me in these packs. On the bright side, now I’ve got some decent cards to send out for some TTM autographs! The cards themselves aren’t too glossy, so they shouldn’t require that much prep work for some autos.

Check out some of the scans:

2008 Upper Deck Draft #10 Brian Brohm2008 Upper Deck Draft #12 Chad Henne2008 Upper Deck Draft #69 Mario Manningham
2008 Upper Deck Draft Owen Schmitt2008 Upper Deck Draft #81 Justin King2008 Upper Deck Draft #96 Tom Zbikowski
2008 Upper Deck Draft #231 Ali Highsmith - Chevis Jackson2008 Upper Deck Draft #234 Erin Henderson - Dre Moore2008 Upper Deck Draft #250 Sam Keller - Allen Patrick

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